Starter Website $700

A starter website is useful for businesses that need their first website or for when you only need to provide a simple website.
For $700, you get a working website up and running.
You get the website, your domain name registered for 2 years, and web hosting for a year.

You get:

A Website

The website is the graphics and text and the software that people can see when they want to visit your page.

WordPress Content Management System
Automated backups
Around 3 pages of content with information such as what you do, your contact details, and some information about your business.

A year of Web Hosting

Web hosting if the thing that makes your website visible to the internet.
You pay for it yearly but this price includes your first year of web hosting.

500MB Disk Space – this is how big all the software and graphics can be. This is just fine for a small size, new website.
10GB Bandwidth (Monthly) – this is the amount of website traffic that you can use every month. It’s more than enough for a new website.
Email accounts (so you look professional). In most cases one or two email addresses is enough for a small, new website.
SSL Encryption with a perpetual certificate (this gets you better rankings with search engines like Google).

A Domain Name

Registered for two years. You can renew it continually.
The domain name is the website address that people use to find you. I can advise you on the best name to get.
As a general rule, a name that’s memorable and not too difficult to type or spell is best.
An example of a domain name is “” – it’s the address that you type to find the website.

In some cases you might want to also pay to register a few additional similar domain names but you don’t want to go overkill with this.

What you need to provide to me (if you have them)

  1. Your business logo
  2. Other advertising materials
  3. Good quality photos that relate to your business
  4. Your ABN
  5. Your contact details that you want shown on the website
  6. Tell me what email addresses you would like. If you need more than two addresses, you will probably need larger website hosting so it will cost a little more.



You get a three page working website with an email address for $700.