Privacy Policy of Sean White Digital Marketing

Effective 17th April 2020.


Sean White Digital Marketing has prepared this privacy statement in order to demonstrate our commitment to our website visitor’s privacy.
The following discloses the information gathering and information collecting practices for the our web site at www.seanw.com.au.
Visitors to the website can browse the general areas of this site without the need to disclose their personal information.
There is also a private area that requires registration and the provision of personal and business information, as well as financial information.

Who is “Sean White Digital Marketing”?

Sean White Digital Marketing (ABN: 84 538 765 055) is an Australian digital marketing business.

Where do we operate?

Sean White Digital Marketing’s office is located in 16 Hawkesbury Street, Berwick, Victoria 3806, Australia.

Request for additional information

Visitors can browse our web site with out the need to provide us with your personal information.
Our website uses SSL encryption between your internet browser and our website.
In the event that a visitor needs access to the restricted area, they are asked to provide secret login information to gain access.
We request that the visitor provides us with the relevant business related details like: applicants name, business name, address, phone number and email address etc, so that we can respond to their inquiry.

In the case of making purchases from us, we may also ask for financial and business information such as credit card details and an ABN.
This information is stored in a secure database. We use the payment processing services of PayPal (www.paypal.com/au) and our bank.
Both PayPal and our bank also secure this financial information.

Google Analytics

We use a tool called “Google Analytics” to collect information about use of this site. Google Analytics collects information such as how often users visit this site, what pages they visit when they do so, and what other sites they used prior to coming to this site.
Google Analytics collects only the IP address assigned to you on the date you visit this site, rather than your name or other identifying information. We do not combine the information collected through the use of Google Analytics with personally identifiable information. Although Google Analytics plants a permanent cookie on your web browser to identify you as a unique user the next time you visit this site, the cookie cannot be used by anyone but Google.

Google’s ability to use and share information collected by Google Analytics about your visits to this site is restricted by the Google Analytics Terms of Use and the Google Privacy Policy. You can prevent Google Analytics from recognising you on return visits to this site by disabling cookies on your browser.

Personal information collected

All personal information collected from individuals as result of our business operation will be protected as an essential part of the relationship we wish to establish with our clients. We collect information for the purposes of providing the relevant products and services selected by the visitor. Our business will only disclose this information in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Act (1998) and the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs). We will not collect or solicit personal information via this site which would be unlawful, unnecessary or unrelated to the functions or activities of our business activity.

The Privacy Act (1998) may be be read at www.oaic.gov.au/individuals/privacy-fact-sheets/general/privacy-fact-sheet-17-australian-privacy-principles

The Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) cover:
1. The open and transparent management of personal information including having a privacy policy.
2. An individual having the option of transacting anonymously or using a pseudonym where practicable.
3. The collection of solicited personal information and receipt of unsolicited personal information, including giving notice about collection.
4. How personal information can be used and disclosed (including overseas).
5. Maintaining the quality of personal information.
6. Keeping personal information secure.
7. Right for individuals to access and correct their personal information.

PCI Data Security Guidelines.

Many organisations treat compliance as a one-time, annual event. But only focusing on an annual compliance assessment can create a false sense of security. The best way to maximise security of cardholder data is to continuously monitor and enforce the use of controls specified in the PCI Data Security Standard.
Sean White Digital Media does this on an ongoing basis by:

1. Assessing. Identifying cardholder data, taking an inventory of IT assets and business processes for payment card processing, and analysing them for vulnerabilities.
2. Remediating. Fixing vulnerabilities and eliminating the storage of cardholder data unless absolutely necessary.
3. Reporting. Compiling and submitting required reports to the appropriate acquiring bank and card brands.

For more information, please see www.pcisecuritystandards.org.

Personal information up-dates

We take reasonable steps to ensure that your personal information is accurate, complete and up-to-date whenever collect or use it. In the event that the information we hold on you is out of date or in-accurate, please contact our office for any changes that may be need to be changed or simply amend your details in the secure area.

Right of access by individual

Any individual has the right to request access at any time to the personal information that our business holds about them.
This access will be refused where we cannot be satisfied as to the identity of the person requesting that access.

Email, postal address and mobile phone number details

Email addresses will only be used for the purpose the individual visitor provides it. This email address will not be disclosed to any other party, unless the individual requests it. The email address, postal address, and mobile phone number you provide may also be used for sending you our latest product information, or business related information such as notifying you that your domain name is about to expire or providing receipts, certificates etc. If you tell us that don’t wish to be contacted we will not do so. We will provide an opt-out option if you do not wish to receive promotional emails from us.

Copyright and Trade Marks

All materials on this web site are the copyright of Sean White Digital Marketing. All rights reserved. The web site may be retrieved and downloaded solely for personal and business use. No materials may otherwise be copied, modified, published, broadcast or otherwise distributed without the prior written permission from Sean White Digital Marketing.


Links to other web sites are provided by Sean White Digital Marketing in good faith and for information only.
Sean White Digital Marketing disclaims any responsibility to the materials contained in any web site link.

Change of our Privacy Statement

We may amend this privacy statement as required by law, or as we deem as the need arises.
Details of any changes can be accessed on this web site at any time.

How can we be contacted?

Sean White Digital Marketing
0407 443 205

16 Hawkesbury Street Berwick VIC 3806
(By appointment only)
ABN: 84 538 765 055